General considerations about the portfolio

What is a portfolio??

A general definition of a portfolio is a collection of documents, archives, and other elements that represent a person's work. It is particularly used for in the case of an artist, the portfolio will include its drawings, projects, pictures, and so on.

We are artists too. As programmers, we are creating solutions for problems, or, which is crazier but quite common in artificial intelligence, we might be even creating solutions for problems that don't even exist yet, finding answers whose questions have been not asked!

Of course, there is the practical side in which we respond precisely to particular necessities, nevertheless, by doing artificial intelligence, as explained here, we mimic human intelligence in a way that might improve lives, searching for things that sometimes, people didn't even know they needed, just the way artist catch an impression, a feeling...

Why is the portfolio is important?

Therefore, the portfolio is FUNDAMENTAL. It is the programmer presentation card. No matter how many programming languages you put into your Curriculum Vitae, the future employer will need proof. That is when the portfolio intervenes!!! The only exception to that is if, like myself, you are in your first years of having a biomedical machine learning developing activity, in which case it is understandable that might not have a consequent portfolio.  

What does this mean? 

That means that as my activity as a developer goes on, I will share my progress here and build my portfolio with you!

How should be your portfolio be?

Even before making a portfolio, there are some aspects you have to keep in mind about how an AI portfolio has to be. Therefore, check this article about it  (w.i.p)


My NLP portfolio 

Here you have access to my portfolio with all the projects I have completed (at least those that can be freely shared).


Below you can find the website I have developed as Digital Operations Coordinator and Bioengineer at galeneo