Patricia Canton


Do not feel ashamed to contact me if you have any requests, questions or you do want to talk to me about anything about Biomedical Engineering in general as well as Science. Suggestions are very welcome as well! Follow me on my social media too. Contact information below.


As part of this divulgation and information activity, I offer the services described below. 

Personalized Advice

If you have any precise question about biomedical engineering that you'll like me to answer or you want a personalized evaluation of your situation related with any field of biomedical engineering, please send me an e-mail.

Article Promps

Do you want me to write an article for you? Then leave a message in the below and we will discuss about the conditions.

I can do it in English, French, Spanish or German.

Reviewing articles

Are you looking for a beta reader? I know, as an author, how difficult it can be to find beta readers, that is why I offer my servicies on the matter. Just contact me and we'll talk about it. 

Sent me a mail with what you need from me and I will answer asap. 

Please take into consideration that I have a lot of work, so try to be as precise and direct about what you want as possible.