Best portals to find a job in Biomedical Engineering 


As explained in this article, finding a job is a hard task, as it steals a lot of time and can be frustrating. Most of the time, you'll eternally wait for an answer without ever having one.

So, to make it easier, it is important to have a good network of job searching portals, so you don't get lost, save time, and catch interesting opportunities. 

Looking for a biomedical job

Ok, bad news first.

Even if bioengineering is a growing field with huge potential and applications, this newness makes it, for now, a bit harder when it comes to looking for a job.

Most recruiters do not know what is it, what bioengineer's skills are, etc. That, even in a scientific context. Sometimes, recruiters need a bioengineer, but they do not know it themselves! And they put other names for the job, or they use the most approximative post they can think of.

The job of your dreams might be somewhere out there, but you risk missing it because the keyword "bioengineering" doesn't appear in the description! That can be very frustrating, but do not worry!

It's becoming less frequent.

However, in order to avoid this kind of problem, you must do previous research for the keywords that will help you to reach the job offer you are seeking.

My own list is here.

National and international 

One of the questions you have to ask yourself is what kind of career you want to purchase. I would advise you not to close any door, and you may know what I know about it from previous posts such as this one, but in the end, that is a very personal matter that lays in the circumstances of each person.

However, if you don't know and are open to anything that can come, let me tell you some tips:

- If you want to search abroad: I learned it the hard way, but keep in mind that going abroad is difficult, even if not impossible, when you are a beginner.

* The easiest way would be to enter a multinational company then be sent abroad.

*You can also directly go to your targeting country and look for a job there.

* Another option in between is to do a master's, a doctorate, or some kind of studies there and look for a job in that country, with the facility of having a diploma in that said country.

- That doesn't mean that you cannot be directly hired from your home country, but it is more difficult when you are a beginner. For people with less than three years of experience, it is hard. Particularly if you want to go to another continent ( a country in Asia, the States, etc).

- If you are from the European Union or the Commonwealth, it should be easier for you to move to the countries related. Think about it as a springboard to start moving.

- If you speak more than a language, that will be always an asset!

- You can always search for more information at the embassies of your targeted countries.

- If you are looking locally, do not doubt on going directly to the enterprise and, even if it's a bit old-way, give your printed curriculum. 


Apart from using job searching browsers, which is like the first step and most recommended one, as it allows you to keep everything all together, track the companies, and so on; do not forget to also go to each company website and have a look at it. Look for spontaneous applications (if there are allowed), other jobs, contacts, and study a bit the company you are interested it, as you can see here.

Furthermore, try other browsers specialized such as Sciences Careers.

My personal toplist 



* Spain

* United Kingdom


* Canada

Why my top three?

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is not a perfect site. It has a lot of flaws yet, and the browser is not perfect. However, it presents jobs worldwide, has a database of almost any single company (from little start-ups to big enterprises) and it's by far the most complete professional social media. If you have a LinkedIn, you become visible to the companies, the persons, and the countries. And that is very important. Another thing I like a lot too is that you have access not only to companies but also Masters, PhDs, and Research Groups, even ONGs. Finally, it is a great way to follow news in the professional world, with their hashtag -following-system.

Why Glassdor?

Glassdoor wasn't born as a job searching browser, but it became one over time. Its particularity, and the main idea of this site, is to be a window to the reality of each company. In glassdoor, you can see comments from the employees, and access opinions about what is working for that company. Reviews about the salaries, conditions, evolution, extras... it's amazing! I use it to check a post-offer and learn more about a company.

Why ResearchGate?

Only for researchers.

I must confess, I have to complete my Profile, but I recognize it is a very important gate. More than as a searcher, you should use it to be found. It's an open door to post your work, develop your network, and be known. If you are at research, papers and publications are fundamental, and Research Gate is the Website you should use, therefore!

Important aspects

Be sure to have a completely appealing profile. Check the gates regularly, and try to have a presence, do not forget networking is a complex matter, but very important. Have a professional C.V. (check my post about it -still WIP).

Do not forget to check the website of the companies also, as well as of universities, hospitals, and research groups of associations that can have interesting offers for bioengineers. 

Always get a try

As explained in the post Job Searching, this can be very hard at moments, but do not despair and keep trying! 

And that is all. Good luck!