Formation of a groove at the level of the metaphase plate. Expansion of the plasma membrane by vesicle function.

In the last phases: middle body: small cytoplasmic bridge packing with remnants of the mitotic spindle before the membranes separate the 2 daughter cells.

Source: BiologyWise

Animal and plant cytokinesis differences 



The metaphase plate determines the position. A contractile ring is formed, a thin band of actin/myosin microfilaments, which provides the force that divides the cell.

They need to form a cell wall between the two cells. Location determined by a preprophasic band of microtubules and actin filaments.

In telophase, the phragmoplast is formed, a structure of microtubules of the spindle around which the Golgi vesicles are deposited.

The fusion of these vesicles forms a precursor cell plate of the cell wall that expands laterally by the addition of Goldi vesicular material that contributes more material to the cell wall.