Degree/Master Final Thesis 


Final Thesis

This might sound a bit frightening when you are a student.

It indeed did for me, even if wasn't very aware of what it meant. And anyway, I was too busy having to just pass my exams year by year, which is not a piece of cake. So for a long time, it reminded a distant element that seemed was going to be a bit challenging. It is presented as the most important part of the career, and depending on the system and the country, it can be quite a weighty part of the final mark.

Nevertheless, you may know that it is not as much of a big deal as it seems.

I cannot talk about other systems, but I can say what happens in Spanish universities.

It is just another work as many you might have during the career, even if it has a bit more of an importance.

What is more, I can tell you that the Thesis can be done, if necessary, in barely a month.

Of course, that is not the best situation, and I would advise against doing such a foolish thing. The ideal should be to start as soon as possible, as it will give you time to organize yourself, be completely implied, enjoy the process, and avoid stress. If the Thesis is a research type, it will give you the suitable time to generate and collect results, and then write down the answers at your pace. The most suitable time would be like six months.

However, if needed, it can be done in almost a month. I know many cases of people who had a last-minute change in their subject one month before the deadline. You can check their stories in the interviews section (WIP).

So, if it is not that frightening, if there is time, then why is still those work important, and what would you need to remember about it?

Well, here goes a few advice:

- Firstly, if your university system allows it and you have to do an internship, then try to do your thesis about that internship! It will save you a lot of time and trouble, and you will have more support and material. Except if you want to keep separate subjects, do not doubt and take the opportunity.

- Secondly, I would advise you to choose the Final Thesis taking into consideration the teacher that will be the tutor, not the topic, except of course if you have no choice and they impose one on you. I know it shouldn't be like that, you should pick a topic you are passionate about or interest in as the main topic, but my advice is to look at who will be your tutor, as its guidance and support will be crucial. It is better to have a great tutor who is always there for you and will help you even if the subject is not that interesting than the contrary.

- Finally, use it for your future job, or at least try to use it to endorse your skills and make your C.V. more appealing. Even if the choice and importance of the final thesis are not that big, as I told you, it is indeed the last work you'll do during the degree/master, so try to use it to open you as many doors as possible, as it is probable that some recruiters will ask you about it.