Here you have an Index of all the interviews so you do not get lost. 

My interviews are a bit special, as they are not complete interviews but moreover a complementation to the articles of this blog.

The idea is to have witnesses of what I say in those articles, so you may have a whole vision about the topic and not only my point of view. So at the end of each article I put a link to its related interview, and you can go and check by yourself. 

Therefore, here you have a small index, (this page will be completed as the interviews are done)

1. Personal Definitions - interviews & related article

2. Would you do this career again? - interviews & related article

3. Doing a Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering - interviews & related article (w.i.p)

4. Programming in Biomedical Engineering - interviews & related article (w.i.p)

5. Working at a Hospital -interviews & related article (w.i.p)

6. Working at the University -interviews & related article (w.i.p)

7. Working for a company - interviews & related article (w.i.p)

8. Which specialization? - interviews & related article (w.i.p)

9. Research in biomedical engineering - interviews & related article (w.i.p)