Some interesting free courses. 


Where to learn a bit more about A.I.? 

When I was hired for working for the UNED , as you can see on my CV page (here), I had to study for a few months about all the concpets of machine learning that I had heard about all during my studies but that I was far from really manage. 

A lot of information was found in the many ressources that have been listed here, with its links so you can check them. 

I also used apps. One of them "Data Science" was used as a source for many articles on this blogs. 

And there I found some interestings free courses you might be intereted on in order to go a step further. So for you, I have taken the time to list them , with a brief summary and the link. 

ML Crash Course

It is a crash course developed by Google. This course covers all basic Machine Learning Concepts. This course is right for you ig you have little or no Machine Learning background. This course is about 13-15 hrs long. 

ML Course by Andrew Ng

Co-founder of Coursera, Andrew Ng, takes this 11-week course. He is an Associate Professor at Stanford University and the Chief  Scientist at Baidu. 

As an applied machine learning class, it talks about the best machine learning techniques ad statistical pattern recognition, and reaches you how to implement learning algorithms. 

Statistical Machine Learning

The instructor of the series of video lectures (on Youtube) in Advanced Machine Learning is Larry Wasserman, Professor in the Department of Statistics and in Machine Learning Department at the Carnegie Mellon University. 

Intro to Machine Learning

A part of Udacity's Data Analyst Nanodegree, this approximately 10-week course teaches all you need to know to handle data sets using machine learning techniques to extract useful insights.

Google's Deep Learning

Udacity offers this amazing free course which "takes machine learning to the next level". 

Google's 3-month course is not for beginners. It talks about the motivation for deep learing, deep neural networks, convolutional networks, and deep models for text and sequences. 

R tutorial

DataCamp offers this interactive learning experience that'll help you ace competitions.

EdX's Principels of ML

A part of the Microsoft Professional Porgram Certificate in Data Science , this 6-week course is a intermediate level one. It taches you how to build and work with machine learning models using Python, R, and Azure Machine Learning. 

EdX's Artificial Intelligence

Course from EdX that talks about AI applications such as Robotics and NLP , machine learning algorithms , data structures, fames, ad constraint satisfaction problems. It lasts 12 weeks and is an advanced-level tutorial from Columbia University.