Why did I choose Biomedical Engineering?


I already explained in this article general advice about choosing Biomedical Engineering as a career path, but my question now is, only in case you are still wondering and you need more information, why did I choose this path?

Well, there are many reasons. First is, I wanted it to be a scientific path, and I had decided in my last years of high school that it would be an engineering career. 

Two main reasons

First of all, I think that engineering is the application of science to real life, and that was along with one of the most important things I had in mind, I wanted to improve people's lives.

That was an important item on how I wanted to direct my career, and among science, even if a pure, theoretical one can afford to help people in the end, I found that a more direct, practical approach would be more efficient.

Then, amongst all the options, there was Biomedical Engineering. As I already told you, before the last second, I had Aerospatial Engineering as my first option.

That was because I was highly appealed by all that was related to Physics and Space. Still am.

But when choosing a path, it is important not only to acknowledge what we like but also what we are good at. And I was better at Natural Sciences.

Finding out that there was a career named Biomedical Engineering was lucky, as it is directly focused on people's healthcare. 

Then, there were other factors.

For example, an engineering career is slightly more well paid and has more outings options than pure sciences, at least here in Europe. I do not mean to say this on some kind of frivolous obsession over money, but more clearly related to what are your life goals.

For example, in my case, I have a lot of part-time projects that imply having some kind of money, and Engineers are better paid. Still, due to today's situation, with the recent global financial crisis, they are not as well paid as they used to be, but still.

Whatever are your goals, remuneration, as if not the most important facto,r has to be taken into consideration.

First, as a multidisciplinary career, it is important that, even if focused on natural sciences, you like more than a subject. You cannot only focus on Physics, or Chemistry, or Biology.

Then, you have to know that you will focus on the problem-solving point of view, the fact that you have to develop management skills, teamwork ones too, that there is all a set of interactional, social skills that have to been developed, that will be during the career.

For me, it all seemed good enough. In the end, it is up to you. Are those arguments good enough for you?

I encourage you to do your own Pro and Cons List.

You can check on the three articles below, so it can help make your mind up.

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Good luck!