Would I choose Bioengineering again?       - An overview


Here you have an overview of opinions answering this question, and, the most important part, the explanation, so it can help to enlighten you. 

If I had my life to live over, I would do it all again, but this time I would be nastier ".-Jeannette Rankin


"Yes! I enjoyed it a lot !" -- Bea Merino Garbacho, Ph.D. Student (February 2020)

" I would. The medical world is currently experiencing a revolution thanks to the technological tools that have been made available in the past few years. Biomedical Engineering is one of the keystones that will enable that revolution, which makes it a very exciting field to be working at now!" -- Virginia Fernandez, Ph.D. Student in England (February 2020)

"Without doubt, as I like Medicine but I prefer the development and problem-solving aspect of this approach, cause I find the engineering optic much more challenging" -- Javier Gil Castillo , Engineer (February 2020)

"Yes, I would study biomedical engineering again, because of the amazing people I met there and because the continuous learning and surpassing yourself challenge" -- Carmen Abelairas, Master Student at Linz University, Austria (February 2020)

"Yes, I would. It is true that at first, it can be very hard to study this degree and you might feel a bit lost, as you don't see clearly what would be the job of a biomedical engineer. But as it goes on, you realize that it is very interesting and that it will be very helpful shortly, improving people's lives and more with the new technologies that are appearing now, such as Big Data or Artificial Intelligence, which have much application in healthcare. Plus, you learn a lot and it doesn't is that hard as time passes. " -- Aaron J. Perez, Degree student at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Mars 2020)

"I would study it again because it is an area that is currently under development and working on it right now is very enriching" -- Anonymous, Engineer at Hospital Gregorio Marañon, Madrid (Mars 2020)

" Probably yes, I would. Although it is a hard degree due to it implies studying many other disciplines such as mechanics, electronics, or programming, I found in it my passion to improve people's lives and to learn new techniques and revolutionary medical tools. "-- Anonymous, Ph.D. Student at Birmingham University (Mars 2020)

"I would study it again for friends, for how exciting it is to be able to support in the healthcare industry and for their good expectations of professional development. " -- Weiyi Chen, Engineer at IBM (Mars 2020)

"Yes, I would course biomedical engineering BEng again because of its multidisciplinary knowledge and applications" -- Barbara Brito, Engineer in London (Mars 2020)

"Of course, I will study it again. It has helped me to work in something that I like and discover new faces of myself related with the relation between technology and care." -- Belen Yebenes, Engineer at Phillips (April 2020)


" As I do not have a real concrete idea of this career and its consequences, I do not know if I would recommend it for other people, as I am still discovering what it implies in my newly borning working life. Maybe in a couple of years, I will have a better answer. Until then, I do not know." -- Alfredo Madrid, Ph.D. Student at Hospital Clinico de Madrid (April 2020)