Would I choose Biomedical Engineering again? 


That is a complicated question.

As I have already said here, I do not regret choosing Biomedical Engineering. Nevertheless, I do not know, if I had again the opportunity of choosing a career path, if I will choose it.

Maybe the thing is I think I would have been very pleased in a lot of careers. I still think too, that between the possibilities to work on, engineering is one of the most interesting things you can do. Engineerings are a way of self-improvement, of developing management skills that few other careers offer. It is worth the effort if you like it at least a bit. I think that biomedicine is one of the most interesting ones because of its multidisciplinarity.

In a general way, I think that even if in the end, you do not work in bioengineering, at least you earn a package that might be very useful later on in life. A career opens doors. I have friends who studied Telecommunications Engineering, for example, and who are not working as engineers, but they use the skills they learned to be the best at what they do.

But if you do not like sciences -- which I presume you do as you are visiting this blog -- then you should do any other thing.

In the end, the most important thing is to do what you like the most.

Personally, if it wasn't for science, I would have studied something about artistic creation. Not only because I love any kind of art (from literature to graphic design) but also because, in the end, engineers are the artists in the science world. Most of my friends have artistic hobbies. It is necessary to have not only a righteous, mathematical mind but also to have imagination and creativity to create devices and find solutions.

Anyway, I let you in this other article, a compilation of different opinions about it, so you can have an overview of actual bioengineers.