Wrong reasons for choosing Bioengineering


Here you have a short list, of what, in my very own personal opinion, are the wrongst reasons to pick Biomedical Engineer as a career. 

This article is to be read in relation with the others of this section. 

Those arguments are under my point of view, in the sense I know what being a Biomedical Engineer means. 

However, they are not my arguments, they are expected to be the most objective I can, acknowledging also other bioengineers experiencies. 

* You want to be a Physician, but you didn't have good marks enough to do so

*You want to study Medicine, but this engineering seems to have better reputation, be better paid or whatever. 

Careful! It is not Medicine mixed with some tech . Medicine is another complete distinct thing. As Bioengineers, we need to know a lot of medical stuff. It is a big part of our formation. But it is not even that close. 

* You want to study an engineering, and are appealed by the newest one. 

-Even if every engineerings have subjects in common, they are quite different. Similar, but the focus is  different. 

*You have excellent marks, which is required for Bioengineering, but you want to do something else, just engineering is better seen. 

 Worst decision ever. 

*You think that, as you are a hard-working student, you will go accordingly to the requirements of this kind of career

 It is true, but in the end, you will lack motivation and that is the most important think to give you stregth through this studies.